Clearing the credentials for connecting to a Team Foundation Server

Have you ever ran into a problem where you wanted to change the credentials of your TFS and log in with some different credentials. It seems quite a tough job because Visual Studio remembers your credentials and you are not offered any way to change it. You try looking every where but no option to help you.

Where is it cached?

Windows Credential Manager – it’s a ‘digital locker’ where windows stores log-in credentials that can be used by windows and other applications. Team Foundation Server just likes it.

How to get rid of it?

Go to Control Panel > User Account > Credential Manager (Okay, so this different Windows have different names here)

Select your TFS credential here and remove. Now go to visual studio and try to login to Team Explorer and you will be prompted for password. Check do you want Windows to remember this or not, there is a check box available at your disposal.

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