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Let me accept this, I stuffed up.

Yet again.  I was lazy enough not to write the blog regularly. Blog lost a bit of context. And then I decided

renaissance rɪˈneɪs(ə)ns,-ɒ̃s/

So I came back, archived all my previous posts, except the first one. Updated the template, hope you like it.

Now we start fresh, I’ll try to post more regularly.

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog….. 

I am a software professional earning my bread hanging over Microsoft Technologies preciously Web Application Development. Involving myself in every technical problem around me is my passions. I go through lot of technical stuff, books and blogs sometimes to resolve a problem, sometimes to understand the problem more and also sometimes to extend sphere of my knowledge.

For quite a sometime I was thinking about writing my own blog. Other than being a better teaching tool it also helps you showcase the problem from your eyes, solutions from your inner. So here, I present my blog (It took me more than 6 months to start this). You can expect write-ups relating to some of the technical problems I face, some of the topics of interest. Other than problems and there solutions I will try to concentrate on best way of solving a problem, comparison between different solutions to a problem. You can also see me talking about technical processes and there implications. Also, I will not mind writing about my philanthropic and social interest.

It will be really good, if you all can be interactive – putting up your comments and discussion here. I’ll also take comments section as the suggestion panel for myself.

Winding up this introduction and preface to my blog, if you are interested in knowing about me read about me page in this blog or reach here. My email is and linkedin link is this.